3D USAAF Flight Engineer Wings

First time doing 3D work. Used modeling in CC Pro, and did the shape tab. Has some flaws that I need to workout. But I think I figured it out by watching some youtube videos on the Carbide Answers page. Going to make some changes and try it again.


Very nice! What are the approximate dimensions and how long did it take to carve?

20" long, about 7.5" wide. Took about 3hrs. Motion said 2hrs but it took like 3hrs.

Cc and cm are estimates and usually do not factor retract height, bit changes. So all estimates have to be taken with a grain of salt. Be sure to use minimum retract height due to the nature of cc making frequent retracts and its habit of moving around randomly wasting time. All in all a pretty great tool for the price $0.0.

@gdon_2003 I completely agree. It usually has been accurate for me. But agree for the cost it is great.