3XXL not homing 5_2024, told to roll back to CM 582

Machine still will not homing, struggling to figure it out. Build 636 started it all. SUPPORT told me to go back to Build 582, same issues. I get new Machine models take precedent, I guess SO3 is left behind. Is there another software out there is willing to help?

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I have an SO3 XXL running the latest CM 638 and mine works fine. Do you have proximity switches or the mechanical ones? To test your switches there are a couple of things to do. Power on machine and connect but do not initialize. Hold a metal object on each proximity switch and see if the red light comes on. If mechanical switches hold down the switch while in the settings menu and see if the switches activate. If the switches turn red on proximity and show up as activated in the settings menu, I think debug screen, then your switches are working. If one or more do not show up with red light or do not show up in settings then you may have a bad switch or wiring issue.

If all 3 switches test good you may need to adjust the proximity switches closer to make sure they trigger. Same for the mechanical switches. You can power off and move the gantry al the way to home position and move the Z all the way up and turn on, connect but do not initialize and in the settings see if the switches are activated. If they tested good but do not register in settings adjust the proximity switches closer or adjust the mechanical switches.

I upgraded to proximity switches a long time ago but I think the mechanical switches are still supported. It is just an on/off situation.

You may have just had the coincidence of upgrading CM and at the same time have a failure or mechanical adjustment to make.

The SO3 is still supported by C3D and there are a lot of them out there still in circulation. Contact support@carbide3d.com if you cannot figure it out on your own.


Lots of S3 machines are running the latest software and it works well.

In your ticket, I see a mention of Lightburn, which is a huge red flag. I don’t use it, so I don’t know the how or why but some (probably most) people have zero trouble switching back and forth, and some people thrash their Shapeoko settings every time they use Lightburn.

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I have a S03XL using CM636 and Lightburn with no issues. After launching Lightburn, I send the following macro:

G10 L2 P1 X-825 Y-425

Before closing Lightburn, I send the following macro to restore the settings required to make CM happy:

G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0