4mm pockets drill


I’m just through 1600 4x5 pockets with the pocketing operation. Trust me, this sucks. Especially as I have 4800 more to do

I’m wondering if it would be better to switch to drills.

Any recommendations regarding drills with very flat tip angles, almost flat? Eg 165° short version, I know Datron has such drills…

However Datron is still checking my business permit to decide whether it is worth to do biz with me :rofl:

So alternatives are highly welcome.

Thanks Michael

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What machine are you using? standard 118 and 135 degree tip 4mm carbide stub drills work great peck drilling 6061 aluminum with full retracts at 10k rpm 30 ipm .04" peck depth on my HDM with mql air blast. You don’t need expensive drills just run the shortest drill needed to get through the material.

I’m using a S3. Problem is not to get through though but to leave flat bottoms in the pockets :laughing: as flat as possible

Cheers Michael

I had a good experience with this product. 4mm is the biggest that worked for me. Tried 5mm but snapped immediately.