4th Axis for the Nomad


Just to let you know that Dan has implemented a 4th axis on his Nomad. The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/IyGrrUfpbOA


So cool!!! Super interested.

Looks interesting - always been keen on an optional 4th Axis for my Nomad as well.

That being said, it looks like it’s running off a third-party Super Gerbil controller rather than a modification of the stock Nomad 883 board. I was sort of hoping for something that could more easily integrate with my existing Carbide Motion workflow.

The GRBL board (hardware) at present will not handle a 4th axis. I believe it is at 90% percent maxed out…so it isn’t going to happen with the present board. Which is which I funded his Kickstarter.

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Hi Rich,

All boards from the reward tiers on Kickstarter are identical. The difference is only is the supplied accessories such as case, stepsticks, motor drivers, Bluetooth, wire harness for the stepper motors and the level of support.

You can use different stepper drivers: A4988, DRV8880, DRV 8825, TMC2130, TB67S109. Most step sticks run on minimum 6 or 8 volts while TB67S109 needs min 10 Volts. I’m not aware of a stepper running on 3V but will look into it.

You can also use the breakout pins to drive an external power driver (like TB6600HG but that requires 8 V min input).

Another simple low cost solution might be to add a few power resistors to lower the voltage over the windings (8v-2.6v/3amps=1.8 Ohm per coil, so you need 4) and yes, you could replace the stepper motor if the foot print or mount holes do meet the frame.

So, I’m pretty sure we can solve the problem either way, chat soon,

Cheers, Paul

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