4x2 X axis ball screw not rotating

Please see attached video.

This is the third time this has gotten stuck on the X-axis in the middle of an operation. It feels physically obstructed. Recommendations?

We have your open issue on support — we should have someone contact you as soon as your ticket comes to the front of the queue.

Thanks will! I assumed y’all would get back to me but since it is the weekend I just wanted to see if anyone in the community had a similar experience.

I’ve had my machine from a couple of months. After setting it up I had the same issue. With the power off, even if the pressed down on the router as hard as I could, it would not move down or up. Initialization was impossible, as the machine would constantly hang up during the Z phase of initialization.

Eventually, Support walked me through removing the router, router mounting bracket, and removing the plate that is attached to the four bearing blocks - four sets of 4-screw groups (16 in all) to get to the bearing blocks. I sprayed silicon lubricate between the blocks and the runner on which they ride. Worked them up and down by hand and put everything back together.

Machine works great now.

CAUTION: DO NOT let any of the four bearing blocks slide down and off the their vertical runners. Support told me to put a block of wood under the runners to keep the blocks from sliding off the bottom of the runners. Otherwise, you will have ball bearings escaping to the far reaches of your shop.

I’m not telling you to do what I did. It’s just what I had to do to get the machine working. Best bet is to follow instructions from Support. However, if you have good mechanical aptitude, this may help.

Otherwise, if the Z motor is not rotating, with power on, unplug the motor from the board and then reconnect it. It may “reset” the motor. This is also advice I got from Support when my left side Y motor was not working properly.

Good luck.