5 gallon semi-clear bucket for dust

I’m using a 5 gallon bucket with the dust stopper for dust collection .

The challenge is, you can’t tell if it is full or not without opening the bucket.

I was wondering if someone has found a translucent bucket or do others install a light in the bucket

I went full nerd-mode and installed a sensor & light/buzzer in mine, details in this thread:


@Julien 'bout to show up with an over-engineered sensor solution.

EDIT: He beat me to it!


The timing of that post… :slight_smile:



I tried finding a translucent 5 gallon bucket a few years ago for my Dust Deputy configuration. The only ones I could find were ‘food safe’ and because they are health related the cost was prohibitive.

I made a sign to check the bucket. Not as impressive as Julien’s solution but it works. To encourage checking the bucket use Gamma Seal Lids. They make the process less intimidating.



So the sensor is awesome but way above my skill level.

I ended up finding these buckets

Hopefully they are thick walled enough that they won’t collapse when you use them. Really excited that it’s 6.5 gallons vs 5 gallons (more time between changes)

Also, I bought three, so figured if I put two together it won’t crush.

FYI - The third is because I qualified for free shipping. Guess my wife is getting a new bucket to store her flour (unless someone DM me to get my third one…North Chicagoland Suburbs).

Anyway, I’ll post the outcome here, and
If they don’t work, guess I’ll have to start brewing beer…could be worst things


I have an Onieda 4" Super Dust Deputy with a fiber barrel. I have the same problem that there is no way to tell if the separator bucket is full. For me when I start to see dust in my clear dust collection bag I know the Onieda bucket is full and pulling saw dust into the dust collector. Some people cut out a window and glue in a clear viewing window but the clear window usually gets so dusty you cant see in.

I think the best thing to do is just to empty it every week or so and dont worry about if it is full or not just empty it.

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I put a window in mine.


See I was going to suggest just going to a 30 gallon bucket, and then you have to check it very very infrequently. My dust collection is poorly placed for servicing, but great for taking up unused real estate under my staircase.

Looks like a lot of people also have big containers, y’all must be making a lot of chips!

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