5 pro 4x4 wasteboard design

You can resurface your slats if you didn’t mill too deep. They will need to be surfaced at some point anyway if you haven’t done so already.

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I will have to measure. They may be too deep. They didn’t hit metal though, so maybe not🤷‍♂️

Don’t stress too much about cutting into your wasteboard. That’s what it’s there for, you can always replace the slats as needed when it gets really chewed up.

Thanks for the post Brandon, your design is really great. I’m currently working on my own design for my 5 pro 2x4 and am getting a lot of inspiration from your design.


Finally complete.

Sacrificial tops cut and surfaced.

Hdpe cam clamps

Cam clamps in action.


A while ago I found this, file templates are available there.

Found that a wonderful idea, did not dare yet to take apart the spoil board. Since I think of repacing my wasteboard anyway your project inspures me a lot, brings together the best of two worlds: hybrid table and holes. TY!


Extremely nice! When I upgrade to the 5Pro I’m doing exactly this.

Cheers and awesome YouTube channel!

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Thanks. Not my YouTube channel though.

I had to do some small parts with low cutting depth (engraving), so I had to even my waste board yesterday. One side it took 1.14mm off, the other side 1.71mm. That means there was a difference in height of ~0.5mm from left to right. Should be considered when installing a new wasteboard.

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Wow! Nice work. Carbide needs to hire you for seminars, JS. I am an old metal worker just getting into CnC wood, So all your info is priceless to some of us newbies. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like a lot of work

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It truly was. The savings in future setup time will definitely be worth it though.

Thank you. I’m glad this thread has provided some info and inspiration to others. Although it was a lot of work and probably overkill, it’s really just a simple grid pattern of threaded holes and dowel holes. The fun part will be the work that goes on the table.

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