5 pro 4x4 wasteboard design

I’ve been working on a design for my wasteboard and wanted to get some opinions.

I’m going to have a pattern of 1/4-20 inserts and 3/4 dogholes in the mdf slats. Then I will have 4 sacrificial boards that bolt on for through cuts. The sacrificial boards will have the same dogholes for alignment and cobored holes to match the threaded inserts in the slats. As well as slots over the t track.

The idea is to never have to replace the slats or threaded inserts. And only replace the sacrificial tops which will have no inserts in them.

The only part I’m kind of stuck on now Is having to mount the inserts from the bottom of the slats. I would want to mill pin holes through each slat and into aluminum below to realign the slats after I install the inserts I guess. Is it necessary to install inserts from the bottom?


well that’s pretty sweet! never thought of having dogholes, i could use alot of my clamps from my main workbench then.

Oh yea there’s several low profile dog hole clamp options. I will use them for aligning the sacrificial boards to the machine table and for part alignment mostly.

I’m going to steal this idea for my s5 2x4! Looks like a great option.

It’s a slightly modified version of this design here if you want more details. I changed hole spacing and added slots to the sacrificial boards to be able to access the t slots.

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Been using this recently on the 4, sacrificial boards are mounted with deep recesses from the top.

Didn’t do dogholes.

I saw those actually. Very nice. I definitely took inspiration from your design with the slots. Did you install your inserts from the bottom?

I did install inserts into the slats from the back side. If you’ve seen my other cutrocket file to cut the slats, there is a step to flip the slat to cut the through hole and flange recess for the threaded insert on the bottom side. I like to know that when i tighten the fastener it is pulling the treaded insert tighter into the slat, not necessarily pulling the treaded insert out if it was installed from the top. Might be mute point, but my mind thinks its better. If I was to do it again, I would do more inserts along the front and left edges to allow better ability to fasten alignment fences for repeat set ups.

For the 4 I needed to make the wasteboard smaller footprint then the slats to allow the full aread to be surfacesld. I understand this isnt an issue for the 5 owners.

Looking forward to seeing how your designs turns out.

Yea I will definitely install the inserts from the bottom then. I’m milling everything with the slats in place then I will take each slat off and finish drilling through and install inserts from bottom. I’m going to make a jig with 4 dog holes and the same spacing so I can take each slat off individually and realign the slat with the one next to it after installing inserts.

I’ll be using the dog holes for alignment and movable fences so I want then perfectly aligned with tbe movement of the machine.

Finally had some time over the labor day weekend. Got the hybrid table layout cut and surfaced. 240 threaded inserts and 144 3/4" dogholes. Now to make the sacrificial tops.

Jigs to realign slats after removing one at a time to install inserts.


Wow that is impressive!

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Wow that is insane! Awesome work there.

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That is amazing. Would you mind sharing your files or be willing to sell them? I would love to get this implemented on my 4x4 S5 Pro.

Of course. I created my toolpaths in carveco maker. If you happen to use carevco for your cam software I can share that too. Here’s a carbide create file with layers for each DXF file I imported. You’ll have to create your own toolpaths. I went .700" deep for the dogholes and .650" for the inserts. I drilled the rest of the way through by hand for the inserts and countersunk from the bottom.

Pro 5 4x4 table layout.c2d (884 KB)

Holes won’t match perfectly to center of slats as you go closer to end slats from center. I wanted to keep a constant 4"x4" grid.

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This is so awesome! Thanka for sharing!

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My pleasure. Let me know if you have any questions or anything. I’d recommend test cutting on a scrap piece for the inserts and practicing installing a few. I adjusted my toolpath to make the holes a little smaller.

These are the inserts I got. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0BWSH8PQP?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

Here’s the dog hole stops. They’re too long to use in the slats alone but will be perfect with the sacrificial tops on.

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I do use carveco as well. Still deciding on which one I want to use longer term. Feel free to share that file when you have time if you can.

Are you using 3/4" mdf for making the slats? Sorry this is my first Shapeoko machine.

Slats are the just the ones it came with. I milled them in place bolted to the aluminum extrusion. I made sure not to go through the mdf to not mill into the aluminum below. Then each slat was taken off individually to finish drill through, countersink, and install inserts from bottom. Then each slat realigned using jigs. The sacrificial tops will be 3/4" mdf.

That is good to know. I already cut into my new slats because I went to deep, so I will need to get some new ones cut to size.