5 pro hybrid table thickness?

Can one of you with a Shapeoko 5 pro tell me the distance from the top of the hybrid table MDF slats to the surface of the bench the machine is resting on?

I plan to order the 4x2 5 pro and want to have a bench already built to support the machine when I receive and assemble it. The plan is to put the top of the hybrid table at the same height as the other benches in the shop to help support oversize stock.

Mine is 1 15/16" from the bench to the top of the wasteboard.

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They say a 30x60 table is a good size but when I built mine, the 30 should be wider. I think 36x60 is better IMO. If you want any room to sit things on top go bigger.

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Brew- Thanks, I’ll assume a 2" thick table and shim as necessary to get the machine bed just higher than the other machines.

Dezi- I’m planning on something on the order of 66" x 42". That will give me room to enclose the machine. My current machine is noisy and flings chips and dust everywhere. I’ll put a box around it connected to my dust collector.

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