5 Pro New Assembly and Power Pendant


Just posting here to bring attention without resetting the support queue.
So, Friday night I finally got to assemble my new 5 Pro. Minus a disappointment in the lengths of certain cables requiring either extension cords or rewiring my space, it was a quick and simple assembly, even convinced my 15 year old stepson to help.

The problem didn’t arise until Initialization. Green Carbide “C” logo comes on, red power light on the controller with a dimmer green light. The VFD flashes 0.0 (though it can be manually jogged to 1200 rpm). Gantry light doesn’t come on, and the Power Pendant does nothing. Pushed, released, no change. And initialization fails from the PC. Images and videos were sent to Support Sat at 11:30 AM EST.

If there’s an easy fix, I’d love to hear it, and if this brings my issue back before Support, that works too. Can’t wait to get cutting…

Check your green carbide logo’d side for any burnt smells or major damage during shipping. UPS left mine on end regardless of packaging and mine were cracked and the board was damaged. Otherwise potential issue with the controller.

I had a similar issue when I first got mine put together and sat there for hours combing through the build instructions. Started looking at all of the connectors and realized the pendant connector and the VFD connector are the same but the cables aren’t. I had the VFD cable and pendant cable swapped. Once I swapped them everything powered up with zero issues.

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I had the same trouble with first getting things to power up. I had the wires swapped and then everything powered up just fine.

Yeah, I can see how that could happen, since both the Spindle Extension patch cable and the Pendant cable have the same grey sheathing. Thanks for the idea, though it wasn’t it.

Heard from Support, new Pendant and Cable to be shipped. Fingers crossed it’s just that, and not the controller.

Follow Up: The new Pendant and Cable arrived, machine initialized like a dream.

To Carbide Members who might read this: Why oh Why isn’t the basic pendant and cable of this quality? Or all the cables? Pendant feels much more… solid… in hand, and the cable isn’t wrapped singles, but a nice, solid, specialty manufactured item…

I wish all of the wires on our machines were twice their size. I like a bit more stout wire in case they move and bend, they wont tend to break as easily. I have seen too many really small wires just come lose from their clamps in the connectors, or wires breaking right at the connector housing and then having to pull every connector end out of the housing to be cut to the same length and reconnected. I worry about any of my connectors doing this on my machine. More then likely will happy days after the warranty expires and I will have to pay to replace faulty wiring or bad connectors. I havent been able to push enough time into my machine to make sure that nothing will break within the first year for the warranty.

I can only hope that nothing goes bad on it so fast after the warranty expires.

We do not quibble over a couple of days, or even weeks when it comes to a warranty, and if someone is left in the lurch by a machine failure, do our best to work out how to handle it.

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I would understand that Carbide 3D would help to resolve and issue on a machine even after the warranty runs out. If my machine breaks down at any time, I will be doing what I can to get it back up and running, under warranty or not.

Just seems like my luck with many other warranties with other things have been that the days or weeks right after the warranty expires the danged thing would break. Sometimes these things cost me $200 to replace. But I would expect a company to fix something past their warranty for free. This is just the nature of the beast.

But it is also good to know that Carbide 3D is on our side to continue to help their customers long into the future.