5 pro stops working

Ok new to CNC long time wood worker and have been working with a laser for the last year CNC is new to me though. So after I had issues with my bit hammering into my bitsetter I fixed that by reading here to use a fan on the computer box this thing should have come with a box fan that was my fan that keeps me cool. Anyway now I’m past that I set up a job and I actually did this on two separate jobs. I hit start the machine went through its start up procedures and went to work. It plunged down and started to cut about 6 inches in the spindle (vfd) shut off and the machine just sat there no codes or error messages. It did this in both jobs. What am I doing wrong

Found your e-mail in the support queue, and added a link to it here — someone should be looking at it presently and will work with you to resolve this.

Ok thank you will be looking for a email

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