501 vs. 502 engraving brass

What are some recommendations on when to use the 501 engraver vs. the 502 engraver? I realize the difference is 20 degrees but when should you choose which? I seem to be easily snapping the tips off of 502’s.

Im cutting brass and using the following settings (in MM):

Stepover: 0.200
Depth per pass: 0.076
Plunge: 75.0
Feed Rate: 150
RPM: 24000

at what part of the machine process is the tip breaking? Plunge or during the cut? If its on plunge, may need to slow that down or use a ramp instead.

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Im not exactly sure because the things i run have really long times so i cant just stand and watch it. If i had to guess it would be the plunge but i cant be sure. I just ran a “big” job using a 502 with the settings in MM of:
Stepover: .200
Depth: .076
Plunge: 50
Feed: 120
RPM 18000

Nothing broke but it took a reallllly long time to run. specially since the plunge was set so slow, it plunges slow and retracts just as slow. Is there a way to control the Safety Height? That would save time too.

I suspect it was the plunge rate too, as brass is much harder than wood and it needs to enter gently. I’m just learning the process for cutting and engraving brass, but have been trying to use a ramp instead of a plunge. Not sure if that applies here.

As far as safe/retract height, what software are you using? In Fusion 360, you can adjust retract height as well as the ramp/helix/plunge height separately.

OIC. Im only using Carbide Create. I don’t know CADD at all so Im just doing really basic stuff

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