50mm Turners Cube in SpoilVice

I wanted to test the limits of the Nomad with the SpoilVice, and decided to design and cut a 50mm Turners Cube.

Step 1 was to set the Nomads zero to a known location because I would need to run 12 different jobs to make this one project, and reliable positioning with a constant zero is key.
I set the zero to the top of my pocket in the SpoilVice at the 35mmx30mm corner guaranteed from the pocket cutout process.

Step 2 was to create the 50mm cube.
I started with a 60mm rough cut cube with one known true 90 degree corner.
I created the first job in MeshCAM to surface down the top of the cube to 53mm.
I then ran this job on the 3 sides of the cube opposite of my true corner, placing the true corner at 0,0.
Then I created a job to surface down the top of the cube to 50mm, and ran it on the 3 unfaced sides.
When I was done, the cube was within .05 mm of true all over.

Step 3 was to cut the inner cubes.
This was done by cutting 4 cylinders into each side of the cube.
The first cylinder has a diameter of 43mm and a depth of 7.5mm.
The second cylinder has a diameter of 28mm and a depth of 6mm.
The third cylinder has a diameter of 16mm and a depth of 4.5mm.
The fourth cylinder has a diameter of 7mm and a depth of 7mm.
Create one job to do this and run it on each face of the cube.

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This is a great work holding solution, especially because you made it with the Nomad itself.
Turners cubes! Well Done!
Thanks for sharing, whats next?