5mm Thick 6061 Aluminum

Does anyone know of a good source to find 5mm thick 6061 aluminum plate/bar? It would need to be a minimum of 80mm x 80mm x 5mm. I have founds some different options on ebay, but most come from china with a long lead time.

Online metals?


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In 6061 I think you’ll find much/most will be in Imperial thicknesses rather than Metric. Online Metals displays “Metric” sizes, but I think they are regular Imperial thickness converted to Metric numbers. You could always go with 1/4" (6.35mm) and cut down to 5mm or go with 3/16" (4.7625mm) and be a little under 5mm. Usually when I see 6000 series aluminums in Metric sizes it’s 6082 which is similar to 6061, but more prevalent in Europe (where they play with millipedes rather than inchworms).


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on ebay, i have purchased from this guy. not metric, but faster than china.

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Ebay is a good source, as is Amazon if you’re a prime member. McMaster Carr is great too.
OnlineMetals always seems to run expensive and their shipping is robbery.


I am specifically looking for aluminum that is already at 5mm. I know I can face .25" to get to the correct thickness, that will just add a lot of time to the process. The customer spec’d the part at 5mm so I was trying to see if I could source material that was already to that dimension. McMaster doesnt have anything wide enough, most of the ebay stuff is overseas. Looks like I will be doing a lot of facing operations :frowning:

You could try contacting speedy metals directly. I know their catalog doesn’t specify 5mm, but they might be able to accommodate.


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