6mm collet for dewalt router

Anyone know where I can get a 6mm collet for dewalt router.



Do all of those collets use the same nut?

Yes. It’s nice to have a separate nut for each collet though, way more convenient than swapping it around — that’s what we do in our (EDIT: now discontinued) precision collet: https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/tools/products/precision-collet-and-nut-for-dewalt-dwp611

The bit I want to use has a 6MM shank. Given that the router is spining the bit at 20k rpm I don’t think it would be safe to use the percsion collet.

Why? I wouldn’t spin a drill bit that way, maybe a stub drill, but router bits are intended for this application.

Elaire Corp. has 6mm collets (see the link @neilferreri posted) — they seem to include the nuts going by the image.

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Using an metric bit in the corresponding (well, almost corresponding) imperial collet is dangerous both during the operation and when using the collet with your 6mm bits as intended afterwards.

You force the clamps together much more than originally intended. There is a bit of tolerance, so you can certainly fasten the screw harshly enough to do those extra 0.3 millimeters, but it’s not what the tool manufacturer intended you to do, or planned in.

If you are unlucky, the whole thing blows to smithereens at 25k RPM with shrapnels flying all over the place and the bit come off flying in a random direction.

If you are lucky, it “works fine”, but now the collet no longer grips the original bits firmly and safely, so you have the risk of a bit flying away in a random direction every time you use the tool “properly” with the correct bits. Plus, you never know if the collet isn’t going to break a month or two later, anyway.

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Thank you. Just purchase a Dewalt Style 6mm Collet based on your recomdation.

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Obviously, not sure what you’re really replying to here, I don’t think anyone is suggesting using a .25" collet for 6mm - a 6mm bit in a 6mm collet is fine, as you say. This type of collet just doesn’t have very much range.

I have a 6mm bit that I want to use and was looking for a 6mm collet for my dewalt router. Your previous post qouted below seem to sugest that I would be ok to use my 1/4 collet with my 6mm bit.

“Why? I wouldn’t spin a drill bit that way, maybe a stub drill, but router bits are intended for this application.”

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