75mm Thrust Plate for High Power Rocket

This was my first attempt at using my Nomad to cut aluminum. This is a thrust plate which is used to attach a flanged Aeropack motor retainer (for a 75mm motor) to a 4.5" diameter rocket body.

I used Fusion 360 for the design and CAM portions. The stock was 0.19" 6061-T6 sheet. I used a #36 drill bit (later tapped 6-32 threads by hand) and #102 flat cutter. When it was all done I powder coated it black.



Nice work @rderstadt!!

Where do you fly HPR? I’m an avionics designer/manufacturer for HPR that’s looking to expand more into the parts and widgets end of the biz using my XXL. Motor retention is needed by most flyers and I need to apply my noodle to innovating some parts. I’m working up to Al as I’m still developing my machine infrastructure (clamping/waste board and finalizing dust shoe and collector).

Hey Jim,

Here’s another photo of it, test fit with the retainer in place:

I fly out of Pueblo, Colorado at the Hudson Ranch site (10K waiver).

There are some cool retainers out there, but Aeropack and SC Precision seem to be pretty common. In this case they didn’t make a plate that fit a 4.5" tube, so I decided to roll my own.

What I’d love to see is a fully integrated end-cap that could be bonded into place (JB Weld) that served as the retainer, thrust plate and that looked aesthetically pleasing. Most of the solutions I’ve seen are two separate parts and you still have to mess around with fixing the thrust plate to one of the interior bulkheads. It’d be much easier it it was one unit, could be ordered with custom colors, engravings, etc.

The other thing that would be cool are pre-fabricated electronics sleds (i.e. drilled so they easily mount common altimeters and telemetry) that could easily be swapped between models. I’ve been doing these on my Nomad because it’s so much easier and cleaner looking.

If you’re into the electronics side, check out my “Rocket Phone” project.

I normally use a Telemetrum for tracking, but it requires an Amateur Radio license and more gear. I looked into productizing my prototype, but haven’t had time. I believe there is one other product similar on the market, but I like mine better :slight_smile:

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LOL, have we met? When I do fly I trek up to Pawnee with NCR. I’m Missile Works Jim. Great to learn I have a fellow Carbide Companion on CO.

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Not high power rockets, but I did design and build this triple water rocket launcher:

This is an earlier photo without the cable ties attached to the PVC launch tube.
Our kids are going to have a rocket day in August. I’ll put up some videos and build instructions shortly thereafter :slight_smile:.

Here is a close up of the holder/release block on launcher v.1:

It is a 2 piece, 2 sided job done on the nomad.


Nice work!

There’s been some great water rocket projects of late.
I’m sure you’ve browsed over to http://www.uswaterrockets.com/

Thanks for sharing and paying forward with the hobby.

Slow Motion launch, for now, compilation video coming later.