80mm Sweepy/water cooled spindle parts

Spent a lot of time looking at the mess that was my 80mm spindle with dust extraction hose and water lines ez-tied together for a temporary solution. Could not wait to make it better, and after a considerable amount of time staring at the machine, I came up with what I think is a very nice system that works perfectly.

I upgraded the router power cable chain to a 18x25 id to fit my double shielded spindle power cord and the 8mm water hoses, as the stock chain was a little too small.
I then modeled a 80mm modular clamp for the spindle and designed a new hose bracket for it with a vertical cable chain bracket. I took a section of the 18x25 cable chain and ran it over the top of the HDZ and secured it in the back to my wire cover assembly with a nice sturdy bracket, it all bolts together perfectly for a secure fit. I also modeled new hose rings that bolt to the cable chain in between the links so they still articulate.
Photos show the Sweepy all the way up, and all the way down, and with the HDZ in it’s lowest and highest position.


Wow Super cool :slight_smile: Awesome work


Very nice! I use an earlier version of one of your dust collection hose designs with my 3XXL and “Old Like Me” Suck It dust boot. Your design/artistic skills are exemplary.


Thank you Bruce, I hope the parts serve you well. I was recently contacted by another forum member for the models. These were some of the first 3D printed parts I ever designed. I have learned a lot since, and they could probably use an update one of these days.
2 piece rings you don’t have to shove the hose through and better attachment methods come to mind…

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What a great idea! I ended up opening the hole up a bit to make pushing the hose through easier. Two piece much mo bettah!

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I intentionally made them a tight fit so the hose would stay put where located, I would slinky up the hose and slide it through a little sideways to insert it… I will work on an update in a few minutes.

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Minimal supports needed… 5 inch or smaller footprint for parts, so it is small 3D printer friendly…
17 pieces of hardware lol… Is this an upgrade?


I think it is a decent upgrade, made a few small revisions for the next version. The Nema cap is now a clamp, the tiny top screws were not a great fastener, though I left in the holes…
Slightly heavier then the old version with the added weight of the hardware. Much easier to adjust with the 2 piece hose clamps.

Can you spot the 3 obvious design changes? :slight_smile:


Food for thought here. I went with a similar approach for my old SO3. I made a fitting that bolted to the top of z to hold the hose. Then used a short removable section to the foot.


Hmmmmm, hose guides are now two pieces, connector from Nema to vertical hose guide is simpler and two pieces instead of one, Nema clamp is 2 pieces. What’s my prize?

I liked the original but this design is even cleaner, very nicely engineered.

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That looks very nice! I was considering something similar but decided to keep the hose in 1 piece, less connections…

Sorry was a little tired, lol. I meant the difference between these two:

If you have one of my deluxe hose adapters, here is the adapter for the slightly larger Sweepy V2 inlet. Use random start points to avoid a seam sticking out…

SweepyV2DeluxeHoseEndAdapter.stl (157.3 KB)

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Was getting some flex due to the thin metal brackets on the back of the HDZ were not designed to support a vertical cable chain with a triple shielded wire and two water lines. Old design was sandwiching them for support, redesigned and replaced the original metal brackets with a more robust 3d printed bracket and connected it to the Y stepper for stability.

Fusion Model Viewer Link