883 pro Halting operation

Not sure if there is still support for the 883 pro and im hoping its a software issue but i’ve been having issues with stopping, disconnecting, and throwing gcode errors on programs i’ve been running fine for months. Connections look good, updated carbide motion, and made sure no chips where interfering with anything.

Sometimes it will stop dead mid cut and carbide motion is on its “Home Screen” asking to initialize, other times Motion keeps running but the CNC stops. I’ve had “unrecognized Gcode” errors that disappear after I rerun the program, and lately I’ve had the CNC stop and Motion say the port is unavailable.

Not sure where to go from here but its causing me a lot of pain and i would appreciate any help I can get.

Not sure where you live but the weather is warming up. That usually means you could be getting static. I see Shapeoko disconnect a lot because of static but I dont recall Nomad’s complaining about EMI/static as the cause of stoppages like you describe. My understanding is the controller is the same so since Shapeoko is susceptible to static/EMI so should be the Nomad. I am sure support will chime in or another Nomad owner with suggestions but take a look at what Shapeoko owners do to fix static issues.

Yes, the older Nomads are still supported.

Most likely this is EMI as @gdon_2003 noted — please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

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