8mm option for carbide compact router?

I have a carbide compact router. I was looking at getting an 8mm collet for holding an indicator and for potentially playing with 8mm bits in the future. I assume that the carbide compact router can only use er11 collets? If that’s true what’s a reputable collect manufacture that makes 8mm er11 collects? I’ve found a few of these online but it seems like most places stop at 7mm for er11 collets. Has anyone had success with an 8mm er11 collet?

If you have a regular C3D router an er11 collet wont fit. If you bought the special C3D er11 collet router then you can use er11 collets.

Elairecorp.com has both Makita/C3D collets and er11 collets.


I bought an 8mm ER-11 collet from Maritool which has worked well:

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oh crap, I just have a regular C3D compact router, not the special er-11 one I guess. Are C3D just “Makita” compatible? Is there any other designation I can look for?

The regular C3D router is compatible with Makita collets, and Makita does have a 8mm collet, it looks like this:


(reference seems to be " Makita A-86181")

That collet is 3/8" (9.525mm), not 8mm (5/16").

As noted, the Standard Carbide Compact Router uses the same collets (and bearings, brushes, nut, motor, and housing) as the Makita RT0701/0700

Elaire Corp. has an 8mm collet:

(which looks like other collets, just w/ an exceedingly thin wall)

My O.C.D. required that I buy the complete set (though I’ve since replace the 1/8" and 1/4" versions w/ the crisper ones from Carbide 3D)

I must have the reference wrong then because the European version of the Makita (RT0700) definitely comes with a 8mm collet, I have one and use it with 8mm endmills.
That said, Elaire collets are great and probably easier to source in the U.S.

Edit: yep, my bad, the reference for the Makita 8mm collet is A-86181


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Awesome, thanks everyone! I wound up getting the 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm set from Elaire Corp. Hopefully the 8mm serves me well!

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