90 degree Amana bit vibrating like crazy

Wondering if this is normal.
Finally got to use my new Amana bit last night. Usually the machine is pretty quiet but when I put this bit on it immediatly had a ton of vibration and was way louder than normal.

Is a bit this size normal to make the router make this noise or not? Not sure if it matters but here’s a video.

How big is that bit, it looks huge? I would just guess a large bit with a whole lot more mass than the usually 1/2" or smaller bits we usually use could induce more vibration if even slightly off balance. The Dewalt manual says under 1 3/8", but I think that probably has more to do with stalling the bit.

Cuts look ok :slight_smile:



The bigger the diameter the slower the speed…I have a similar sized cutter that I run at 1 on the speed dial on both my DW611 and Makita.


Gotcha. Yea I had it on 2 I believe. I’ll try it down at 1 later. Thanks

Thanks! The cuts looked awesome and it turned out great. Just kinda scared me for a sec when it turned on. It’s this one.

Amana Tool RC-1142 Insert V-Groove 90 Deg x 3/4 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK CNC Router Bit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5SVTVI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_SuVdBb6WXVZ4R


It’s either bent or the insert in in wrong…

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Any way to check that? Literally the first time I’ve used it last night from tools today… Checked the 60deg one also and the vibration is less but still the same thing

I use a 1.5" resurface bit and it does not vibrate like that! It is massive but like others say, I run it slow 1 to 2 at most.

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Yep didn’t think about that, I have a 1 1/2 amana surfacing bit too and it definitely doesn’t do that either.

But yea ran the 90 and 60 at 1 and still got it.

Looking around on the interwebs, it may be a bearing issue? A very small issue with it but could cause the vibration. Only reason I could guess (100% guess) is it may be it because I’m getting it with anything over .25 bit size.


Is your collet and collet nut clean?

Are the bits inserted at least one half inch into the collet? Have you tried a different collet nut?

Do you have another router to try the bits in to see if you still have vibration out of the machine to isolate the source of the problem?

Does your 1 1/2” bit give you vibrations now?

Is everything tightened up on your X & Y axis?

Unusual for two different bits to be defective from a company, not impossible but highly unlikely.


Good advice. I’ll check it when I get home and get back with you. Thanks

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Welp was near a home depot so bought another 611 and came home and tried it out. Same vibration, its not like shaking the table vibration so part of me thinks I’m over thinking this.
The other part of me thinks that its the bit, no idea though. But it’s not the router at least. Checked everything and it’s all tightened and I marked where to mount the endmill at least 1/2in in.

Are you able to find a speed which minimizes vibration? If you check router charts for router bit sizes, that should be your max RPM. Also check the mfg docs for recommend speeds. In my experience Amanahas had excellent customer support.

Others have used these bits without issues on SO3’s, I don’t have personal experience using insert bits, I have a hard time justifying the ROI. Keep in mind you only have one cutting edge compared to two or three on standard V bits so some compensation is necessary to perform the same cut with feeds and speeds.


Yea it’s saying nothing bigger than 1 3/8 in diameter. But I’ve seen a bunch of people use it with no issues. I’ll try different speeds but I believe the max rpm on it is 25k.

Edit: I’ll update with some videos tonight for comparison.

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