90 degree V slot Fusion 360

I’m trying to make a box with 45 degree edges to glue up. I’ve got a 90 degree v bit but I don’t know how to tell Fusion 360 to do it. I’ve tried a number of toolpaths, but so far no good.
Any suggestions?

I wrote a bit about doing this in Carbide Create at:

Is the box material you’re cutting thicker than the bit is deep?

i.e. will you need to walk down the angled wall making multiple cuts to complete the angle?


Are you planning on folding it up?
Without seeing your model, I’d use a trace toolpath in Fusion. Make lines that extend past your rectangles.
Also, the answer to @LiamN’s questions makes a big difference.

Thanks.Trace. That’s working now. Yes I’m folding a light box.
I find Fusion great, but every now and then I cannot work out how to create a toolpath, no matter what I do.
Thanks again.

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It’s also worth noting that there are two different tool types you can create in Fusion with this geometry an “Engrave / Chamfer Mill” and a “Countersink” and Fusion will tell you that’s not a valid tool type for certain tool paths if you have the tool defined as the wrong type.

I’d love to tell you which type for which paths but I’m still figuring that out myself…


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