90 Degree Vee bit help

So im trying to carve out one of those football field/basketball court carves where it will basically trace the line out to a certain depth and the creator will go back and fill it with a colored epoxy.

But im having trouble with the bit and the programing of it, I can’t seem to figure out the depth no matter what I know off the top of my head that won’t make it so wide as I basically just want it to use the tip of the bit and go around the lines and not make it look so dang wide…

Hi @SouthernGrind,

If you create a contour toolpath but select a vbit, the preview won’t be correct (it’s just a limitation of CC’s preview), but the generated G-code will still work as expected (i.e. the tip of the Vbit following the selected contours, at the programmed depth)

You can use a third party G-code viewer like Camotics to check what your G-code file will actually result in (or post your file here, and I’ll load it in Camotics for you to illustrate my point), but mainly if you double-check your depth settings, you should probably go ahead and test it (maybe on a piece of scrap wood first), and it should work just fine

EDIT: and indeed, as @WillAdams replied, this design with double-up lines calls for a V-carve toolpath between those lines, and then you would get a correct preview in CC


Use a V carving or Advanced Vcarving toolpath.


Good deal will go try that right now!

Awesome, ill try it on some scrap! Thanks as always for the help!

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much