A birdhouse, for wrens, but parametric, so adjustable

Here is a classic birdhouse design for wrens or similar birds.

It will be cut out of and proportioned based on a board (7.25" is recommended) β€” efficient use of stock and adjusting for local species is left as an exercise for the reader.

Where necessary, parts will be chamfered using a 60 degree V endmill.


The roof is in two sections, held together by a suitable weather-resistant hinge β€” one part is a wide as the board, and longer (or shorter) by the specified proportion:

The other half is the same, but less the thickness of the board:

(sourcing and mounting the hinge hardware is left as an exercise for the reader)


The ends are made of up of a triangle as tall as the board with a pair of diagonals cut out of them:


In a slight difference from typical plans the bottom is cut using V cuts along the sides:


The sides are simply the hypotenuse of one of the previously calculated triangles:


In putting together the 3D preview:

It becomes apparent that the angles aren’t quite lining up β€” the sides will have to be slightly extended, or perhaps shortened to allow for ventilation (the alternative would be to determine what angle would need to be machined into the sides to mate w/ the roof and to then source an endmill w/ the appropriate taper) β€” also, the bottom will want at least some holes to allow for drainage.


Adjusting things and adding all the parts for the 3D preview we arrive at:

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Laying out the boards for cutting is a simple matter of nested transforms:

Finishing that will be a matter of exporting to OpenSCAD and using projection() to allow exporting a 2D DXF or SVG.

For folks who want to experiment w/ this, the file is at:


Next up will be adding holes for hardware.

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Finished this enough to make a file for cutting:

Birdhouse_ Wren_parts.c2d (624.8 KB)

which cut well:

and went together pretty w/ just a few nails and a hinge: