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I started building my Shapeoko Pro XXL today and I ran into a problem when I got to Box 6 item HH Data Drag Chain Head Bracket. The part was missing. I contacted support@carbide3d.com and they responded back stating that they did not have any records of me from my email! I find that surprising because I’ve contacted sales before purchasing my Shapeoko Pro XXL and I’ve emailed support a couple of times after my purchase. I spent over $4,500 with Carbide 3D and they don’t have any record of me even though emails were sent to me when my orders were shipped.

I sent support a picture of everything that was in box 6 and support send back a picture of a different bracket with a statement that “we combined 2 brackets into one assembly and have not updated the documentation yet. I think you are looking for this:”. Well, I didn’t have that new bracket as depicted in the picture I sent support. AND I would not know how to add said new bracket because I did not have the updated documentation. (I even downloaded the Shapeoko Pro XXL Assembly Guide from Carbide 3D’s Doc site and that did not show the “new” bracket.

Support also asked for the following…
Where did you purchase your Shapeoko?

When did you purchase your Shapeoko?

What model of Shapeoko do you have?

What is your Phone Number?

Was this purchased under another e-mail address?

What is your sales invoice number?

What is your shipping address?

Please send a wide shot of your Shapeoko and a clear edge to edge picture of the control board with the cover off.

I purchased everything from the Carbide 3D web site. I did send support the requested information but I have to wonder are there a lot of people out there who didn’t purchase a Shapeoko asking for random brackets? Is there a run on in the black-market bracket ring trying to cheat Carbide 3D out of their Drag Chain Head Brackets? It must be for me to have to give out all that information less my mother’s maiden name.

So here it is Friday night and I’m stuck in the water! Not knowing whether support will send me the bracket AND instructions. God only known how long I’ll have to wait. I was going to purchase a bowl bit from Carbide 3D to make some cutting boards but perhaps I’ll go someplace else.

Hey, thanks for the rant, I was just hoping to complete the assembly today. I understand that shit happens and sometimes parts are missing but support should have just said hell, we’ll send the part to you ASAP rather then asking for all information and delaying getting me the necessary part. I worked in IT service and I’d never give a customer that kind of answer. It would be oh shit we’re sorry we’ll get that fixed for you right away.


I understand your frustration. You have a new machine and cannot get it assembled and ready to use. C3D is usually quite responsive. There are always exceptions but I think in the long run you will be happy. Just dont let this sour your outlook on your machine for the future. When things dont right at first it can taint your entire future so dont let that happen to you. Hopefully they will fix you up and get their administrative snafu fixed up. Hopefully after the chips are flying you will forget this.

Good Luck

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Hi Jeff,
Is there any possibility that you could have used a different email, or if you used Paypal, the order was registered under a different email? I have had that issue when purchasing before.
Please give support a chance, they work very hard to try to help everyone, I am sure they will get the order figured out and help you with the bracket asap!
Trust me, issues like this get resolved very quickly and you will be carving with your new machine in no time!

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Yeah, you’re correct I’m just a bit frustrated. I know that slip ups happen and I’m sure Carbide 3D will take care of the issue. The machine was delivered a couple of weeks ago but I had to clean out my garage before I could begin to assemble the machine. My wife and I are retired and we both have bad backs so it takes a much greater time to do chores unlike when we were in our 20’s and 30’s. It’s been years since we’d had our garage clean and after 40 years of marriage, we Have accumulated bunch of junk and the garage ended up being a dumping ground for stuff we didn’t have a place for. So today was the day when the garage was clean and I could begin building the machine and I ran into this issue.
I’m sure the carbide 3D people will help me soon. In the mean time I’ll play with my 4-month-old granddaughter. An excellent consolation prize!


When I cleaned out my shop I took a ton of “I may use this some day” to the dump. Enjoy the grand children. My oldest grand daughter is leaving for college next week. Too damned fast…

I got an email from Carbide 3D support late this evening saying that the’ll send out the part as soon as possible. I got the email at 12:15am! I was sure that everybody at Carbide 3D had gone home for the weekend and I’d have to woit untim Monday before hearing back from them. Boy do I have egg on my face!

That is the kind of support I gave to my corporate customers. I’m flabbergasted that I got a responce this early in the morning! Don’t those guys sleep? I take back everything I said in my rant, thet do seem to take care of their customers.

Way to go Carbide 3D support.


Update 2:

Today my replacement part was delivered! Due to a death in the family I didn’t have much time to complete the assembly however I’m sure that by tomorrow late afternoon I should be in the testing phase of the assembly process with the “Hello World” test and others.

I did send Carbide 3D support a short note that I thought their service people did an excellent job in getting me the replacement part and that I’ve retracted my rant in the community forum. At the time of my rant I really thought that I would not have heard from anyone until Monday. Hell, I got the return email at 12:15am Saturday morning (Detroit time) and the part was delivered by Tuesday! You couldn’t ask for better service.


I have gotten bits that everyone things are the best, I have gotten cheap bits. Shit happens

Bad batch, what ever you think. It happens. I have cheap bits that have been cutting since I started. I have good bits that still cut. I have a drawer full of broken bits. It Happens!

As I have experienced CNC, it is getting easierier, but shit happens, it is the cost of doing buisness.

… there any possibility that you could have used a different email, or if you used Paypal, the order was registered under a different email?

Yeah, I think that’s what caused the issue. But it’s been resolved now.

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