A bonkers Shapeoko Request

A dust boot that moves up and down as the router moves up and down.

An annoying problem for me is when cutting wood that is around 30mm thick. I have to start with my dust boot low down the router, then as I cut through the wood I have to raise it up so it doesn’t eventually hit the wood. I’ve looked at longer bristles, but they would undoubtedly end up getting caught up in the router bit.

How does everyone else cope with this?

What you want is a Z-independent dust shoe, mounted to the non-moving part of the Z (therefore, you can adjust it so the bristles are at the stock surface, throughout the job)
If you have a 3D printer, there are examples on this forum.
If you don’t, I hear the PwnCNC dust shoe is a popular commercial option.

Ah. Maybe not so bonkers then! Thanks for the quick reply!

I have an off brand 3d printed one that I can’t recall where I bought it but here is a link to the same one.

Dust Boot for the Shapeoko 3 CNC Affordable Dust Collection | Etsyk_CjwKCAjwh5qLBhALEiwAioods2DTZ3hbza_iBSmUpLVEyOoqp1OnIinMM2URA1pFsPjAFXMtd_7jIBoCjvgQAvD_BwE_k&utm_content=go_12573075997_120353245100_507798364470_aud-318222619806:pla-295604191622_m__692713794_117122079&utm_custom2=12573075997&gclid=CjwKCAjwh5qLBhALEiwAioods2DTZ3hbza_iBSmUpLVEyOoqp1OnIinMM2URA1pFsPjAFXMtd_7jIBoCjvgQAvD_BwE

Used it for about 3 years now and works great. My only complaint with this version is each time I have to change bits I have to back out the set screws on plate and pull it off. Only takes a few seconds but if you change bits alot it could become annoying. They make a version like mine that uses magnets instead of screws for that base plate which I feel would be better.

Also make sure you get the correct version of whatever you buy based upon your machines z axis.

Or if you want to get bonkers there is always the option to go all out design and make an automatic dust shoe.


PWNCNC has some Z-independent dust boots. https://pwncnc.com/purchase/ols/categories/dust-boots

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