A Clever Idea for a Dust Shoe!

I’ve had this noodling around my brain for a while, and given all the conversation around HDZ ears, Sweepy, Brush Length, and the viral broomstick challenge I’m going to let this genius idea go for someone who is more proficient in manufacturing then myself (I want the royalties tho).

The fundamental problem with dust shoes comes boils down to z-axis independence vs. not; my question to you is why not have your cake and eat it too.

This is the inspiration:

Headed pins not brushes are the solution. 10-15 row ring of headed pins around a spindle mounted dust shoe. Find pins that are flexible enough to allow for you to approach from the side as well as from the plunging motion. If such a material, pin & flexibility combination does not exist… Bond all of the heads of all of the pins together. Make the outermost (furthest from the spindle) pins the progressively the shortest … so that when you approach stock from the side the outermost rings raises the inner most rings so that you don’t get “caught” on the side of stock.

I can’t be the first guy to ever think of this am I?


I think you might have been the first.

This is a really good idea. Someone just might try and make this!

I hope they do!!


Doesn’t your brainstorm work the same as a brush, because the dust shoe forces are mostly side-to-side? Your item would certainly work if the forces were up-and-down, but would tend to jam the “rods” with side-to-side motion.

Only if you make the pins all perfect 90 degrees.

Make them under an angle in a spherical pattern and you overcome that problems

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or you could design the most over-engineered dust shoe ever, control the height of each pin individually, 3D-map the initial stock, and have the CAM generate motion control of each pin to match the toolpath progress :slight_smile:

or, it’s 2025, AI is everywhere and has become so cheap that one can embed a microchip and sensors in a dust shoe for a few dollars, that will dynamically adjust pins as it goes.

In the meantime, the floating dust shoe is the closest match to that idea of a dust shoe that would adapt to the surface being milled.


Could someone make it do this? https://giant.gfycat.com/AdorableInferiorDalmatian.mp4 :grin:
It’s a good idea. I wonder if brush bristles could still be used to give the flex it would need for lateral pressure? You could have a rigid holder for the bristles, much like a regular dust boot. But that rigid holder would ride above the lower plate that would have oversized holes for the bristles to move up and down. This seems to be a simple enough of a concept.

@Julien you beat me to the kinetic bristles as I was searching for the video. :smiley:
That floating shoe is awesome!

I gotta go back to work…what a rabbit trail… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9kOptSHi8w


In the ideal world there’s a material out there that gives it the flex it needs, is already made in a headedpin, and is ECONOMICAL to obtain. I’m not a plastics-guy but it’s bound to exist.

Whatever they use in women’s hair brushes would be close.

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