A coaster to be proud of

I have an all custom wood shelf in our bathroom that is frequented by guests at our fire pits. I used a 30 deg bit to carve the Queen emblem and song titles on the back. This is Ash with a Walnut contrast.


Talented work! Very nice

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I moved to Deep East Texas about 8 years ago from Houston. Up here there are only 3 types of music stations. The first is religious music/preaching, second is country, and third is classic rock. Now I like classic rock but I have heard Queen a million times on those classic stations. Although great I get tired of hearing the same songs over and over. I hear Ozzy Crazy Train all the time. The songs are great but after hearing them over and over you get tired of them.

I am sure you watched the move about Freddie Mercury and that was great.

Your carving is very nice. Hopefully your quests will appreciate the craftsmanship and sentiment. RIP Freddie. Hopefully he found someone to love in his afterlife.


Nicely put. I’m sure he has. You are correct the classics do wear on me if you hear them over and over. But for me Queen’s vocals and beats always bring me back. Thanks for the compliments and sentiments. Keep on carving.

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