A couple Navy flags I finished up today

I finished up these flags today.


Nice work!

For folks who want the imagery, please see:

For flags and how to put that sort of thing together please see:


These are awesome! I’m a submariner myself, still active duty. Great work! Are you interested in sharing the file? I understand if not.

They posted a link to the file for the dolphins above. You can put it together just like I did this one.


Thanks! I didn’t realize you had a channel. I appreciate the tutorial even more than the file! Watching your other videos now too. Great work!

On this submarine warfare one, how did you get the warfare device to not be red? I assume you stained the whole board prior to carving. Do you just mill a hair off the top to remove the color in that area?

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I actually came through after machining with a small foam brush and stained everything.


Very nice, Go Navy! Glad to see the patriotic theme.

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