A couple recent carvings

Thought I’d post a couple recent carvings since it’s been awhile. The first is a guitar pick holder. They are made from walnut that a friend gave me. On the Strat and Tele models the tops are held on by rare earth magnets. On the acoustic model I tried my hand at two sided machining which didn’t turn out great but it’s close. When time and patience allow I’ll have another go at that one.

The second pic is the Note Guitar. Bought the vector file and had to clean it up quite a bit as it was not designed for V carving. I had to remove some notes, rest symbols, etc. or it would have been a jumbled mess for carving. These are carved on old oak barn board. The black is permanent marker. I’ve found that the marker works best when you aren’t able to mask the piece efficiently to spray paint it. Also it makes it a lot more controllable than using paint pens as far as bleeding goes. Both pieces were brushed with Shellac before carving. The strings on the other one are V carved and filled with Turquoise dye.


very nice!!!

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What V-carving software are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m using V Carve Pro by Vectric. Very easy to get to know.

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