A Cutting board

Here is a cutting board I finished today. Nothing spectacular, but it has a story. About 40 years ago, my wife and I bought a cutting board just like this from a kitchen shop in a small mall in Falls Church, Virginia. We’ve had the board all these years and it still gets used on a daily basis. It’s had many turkeys carved on it as well as roasts and other dishes. It has a bowl shape carved/milled/turned in it. A few decades ago, I tried to make some on my lathe, but I found that spinning a slab of wood with that much mass was very worrisome. After the final time of having a corner slam into my knuckles while sanding or having a tool catch, I decided this was just too dangerous. It was the only thing I ever made on the lathe that I wore a full face shield.

The board pictured here is 12 x 12 and 1.5 inches thick oak edge/side grain. Not the best choice for a cutting board, but I found some 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 sticks at Lowes and I knew I could glue them up without needing a planer (though this did get me to thinking about building a jig for the S03 for this type of planing work). I did an adaptive clearing with a 1/4 flat and then a parallel with a 1/8 ball to finish. Then some sanding and food-safe sealer.

This was amazing easy in Fusion 360. I drew a cross section and rotated that around the Z axis to get the bowl shape. This would be an extremely easy thing to make for someone. It really does work great at keeping things off the table, counter or floor. This is just another thing that makes the S03 a great tool to have around.


Nicely done. I’m all about simple functionality. I’ve added your idea to my project list!

Thanks for sharing.