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I find the game controller and numeric keypad layouts a bit confusing (also, my son lay claim to the second Logitech F310 since he left his at college), and while I love the click on my wonderful 6 Key Keyboard (Techkeys SixKeyBoard CNC Edition) I find I need to change the jog rate often enough when using my Shapeoko that it has been consigned to the far corner of the basement for use with my Nomad (and I am anxiously awaiting the 3x3 version).

Until that time, I’ve been looking for an alternative ---- searching around I found that gamepad controllers in various layouts are widely available and quite affordable and settled on a Super Nintendo-style USB controller:

Fortuitously the layout and number of buttons matches well, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible to access the RB/RT faster/slower button for the supported game controllers such as the Logitech.

Mapping is pretty straight-forward even so:

  • left D-pad does movement in X and Y as expected
  • top button on the right, X (blue) is Z up
  • lower button on the right, B (yellow) is Z down
  • Y (green) is fast
  • A (red) is 1mm — this is where things break down a bit
  • Select is 0.25mm
  • Start is 0.025mm

The shoulder buttons L/R are unused and remapping was done using AntiMicro:

and I put in an Issue to see if the RB/RT buttons can be added:

(of course, @robgrz a keyboard shortcut for this would solve the problem nicely)

but this should work until @i3oilermaker makes his nicer, larger unit.

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I was about to pull the trigger on this one:
Or this one:

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It’s too bad those controllers are wired. I have enough wires. I’d get one if they were wireless.

That latter looks like it would support the RB and RT buttons?

Just get one of these… Even gives you extra light

@Liferj: I used to have an Xbox controller that was translucent green and made for small (children) sized hands and I think it lit up. It was my jam and I wish I could find another as it was the most comfortable controller I ever used. (And green + C3D, right?)
@ctdodge: maybe this one would suit you better?

@WillAdams: seems to

My brothers and I were huge Mega Man fiends back in the days of original Nintendo, and I dig the man+machine sci-fi shtick in so many ways, hell I grew up on it (undoubtedly heavily contributed to my CNC fascination). But to be completely honest, it caught my eye cause the blue would play off the color of my HDZ and I am a total sucker for flashy aesthetics :rofl:

Awww hell, I think I just talked myself into that purchase once again :man_facepalming:

And I thought this feature on the former was neat and/or possibly useful as gamepad function in CM evolves:

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And 10pm Amazon browsing against my better judgement has me stupidly lusting after this as red is my favorite color:

But instead of that, it would be better for my wallet and the fun of making to go @Julien’s route: Homemade jog box for CM
@WillAdam I drool over the idea of a Techkeys SixKeyBoard CNC Edition and their impending 3 key jog adjust keyboard attached to the front of the new Nomad (which reminds me I need to start setting aside money for it as @Vince.Fab has me chomping at the bit to get my hands on one as a dedicated metal chomping beast)


I did a version of @Julien’s control box and am pretty happy with it. Like @WillAdams, I am using Antimicro for the control software and it works well, providing just as much flexibility as I need (and no more - I found JoyToKey to have a bewildering set of options).

My whole reason for doing it as opposed to the little wireless keypad I’d been using was straightforward access to the jog speeds. With the keypad, it was “4 to move left, numlock 4 to use the fastest increment, numlock again to move again” and was prone to (user) error. This has been much nicer.


Wow, way to do it the right way, it’s gorgeous.
It’s like the grown-up version of mine :rofl:


Just made a similar controller. I notice that the buttons do not repeat continuously, they jog 4 times then stop so I need to release and press again for another 4 moves. Any ideas why? Everything else is exactly as described in forum & FB posts, even the same joystick board.
Tried playing with the repeat settings and still no continuous movement… hoping for a helping idea!

Once I figure that out, I want to make a smaller jog controller, like the size of a mouse for easier finger control.

Meanwhile, it would be great if someone who talks to @robgrz could put an idea in his ear…

How about adding a set of keystrokes like FN-A, FN-B, FN-C etc., that would be available in CM5 to press any button on any screen. It would be easy to add, have no impact on people using CM5 conventionally, and allow for stuff like quick moves, start pause stop, home, etc. 26 keys that could be mapped by the user for whatever.


That was the other issue I had with JoyToKey - I had the same thing happen. I assume that there is some setting in there (somewhere) that would address the issue, but I definitely couldn’t find it. Antimicro worked “out of the box” so I just took the win and backed away slowly.

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Looking around a bit, found:

which I can’t help but think would work well if one could toggle though some modes:

  • default: X: left/right and Y:forward/back
  • press middle button for toggle
  • Z up/down and increase/decrease feed rate

Do many folks have multimedia keyboards convenient to the computers used to control the machines?

Hmm, seems that AntiMicro is no longer under active development — guess I’ll have to try something else:

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Indulged myself and bought:

which is wonderfully nice, and more convenient since I don’t have to trouble over the keyboard remapping software.


Funny, I just bought one of these a few days ago. Waiting on it to arrive, it shipped next day.
Looking forward to testing it out before possibly ordering a few more. I envisioned making a nice case with lid, so it can sit in my enclosure, and maybe try out milling some keys out of aluminum for it. I had bought Sega controllers for my machines but they suck to use now with the auto stop runaway protection. These should be much better and if mounted in front of the machine much less hassle.


Okay, tried an 8bitdo N30Pro — it works, but the mapping is a bit odd, and since it work as a game controller, will discuss it at:

For a Raspberry Pi, looks like a gamepad can be used for this using:


install command is:

sudo apt-get install qjoypad

and it shows up under accessories and when run shows up among the icons in the top right corner.

Click on the Joystick2 button to access the available buttons.