A gift for big Bond fan

I used a free Skyfall font and edited it to simplify it a bit. I lost a little more detail than I wanted. A few of the letters had some degradation, like the large M in his last name. I wish they were a bit more prominent, but whatever :slight_smile:

14.75" wide by 6 or 7" tall 1/2" thick walnut, stained the letters and sanded the surface.


There’s no “e” in Gormly. :rofl:

Very nice though, I like it.


Hahaha we’ve had this conversation many times. He says those who spell it without an e are imposters :slight_smile:

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Ask him if everyone, literally everyone, spells it Gromley even after he specifically tells them “O” “R”

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Will do :slightly_smiling_face:

Do people call you Gorm? Cuz that’s his nickname and literally everyone calls him that haha.

Yes, but almost 40 years ago :rofl:

I saw your post and it reminded
me of this prototype I did for a big Bond fan friend of mine a few years ago. I modified it from a Batman project.


Love it! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

This was a stool of mine I did earlier this year. I’d like to epoxy it to fill in the cuts but it turned out good.

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Here’s another one I did earlier this year as well but my bit was a cheap one and was a little dull so I need to redo this one. I also just got the XXL upgrade kit from the standard so I can make it larger like I wanted to in the first place.


Holy hell that is amazing! Did you design this yourself? I can’t imagine the time, let alone the time to carve! That is way too cool.

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O hell no I didn’t lol. Look at Sandyeggos website he has free download of it along with marvel and DC comic ones. It did take quite a long time to carve. I’m thinking 5 or 6 hours

Here’s a link to this specific one