A heads up for a great machine tool service (UK based)

I bought several items from a UK based supplier of machine tools. I was struck by how helpful this professional service was. All of my pre-sales questions were answered fully. The prices were very keen for high quality Swiss goods. I decided to purchase REGO-FIX because they were the original developers of the ER collet system in 1972.

I bought a complete set of ER20 ultra precision collets with a stated Total Indicated Runout of 5 micron (2 x 10,000"). I also bought a castellated collet clamping nut and a 40 to 200N-m (30 - 150 ft lbs) torque wrench with a removable head that was specifically designed for the collet nut profile.

The supplier is detailed below: The proprietor is Keith Brunner who is a helpful and knowledgeable engineer. If you are in the UK and want to check out his company, you will find the web pages here.

1 Prospect House
Colliery Close
S43 3QE

Landline: 0208 992 6011
Mobile: 07785 392880
Email: sales@brunnermachine.co.uk