A jewelry garden that I made

This is a “Jewelry garden” I made my daughter. Her necklaces are suppose to hang from the centers on the flowers. And a bit of storage on the bottom. It turned out okay. I was happy to complete it. Made some mistakes. Learned.





She must love it, and it’s a cool design.
Love the contrast between the different parts

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That is really awesome!!!

To echo Julian, I love the design and whimsical nature of it…

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That’s great!!! I need to make something like this as well, have 2 girls and too many times to count but I get asked to take out knots in their chains all the time.

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What is the base made out of. Looks sort of like purpleheart with sapwood but I have never seen sapwood on purpleheart.

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It’s walnut. Thank you

Interesting design! Very Creative.

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