A leg up to warm up

Re-sized a table leg design then cut it from a fence post to make sure the boss is happy with the proportions. Taller and more slender than the original.
Unusually cool May here in so Cal so…let’s have a scrap fire!


Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, … Now get you to my lady’s chamber, and tell her, …


Griff, I didn’t see a way to message you so I am replying to this post with a question. You have a post from 2019 about a part of an umbrella crank that you were attempting to replace. I have two umbrellas both with a cheap metal piece that broke and they look just like the piece in your post. We’re you ever able to successfully make or find a way to replace that broken spool-to-crank handle piece? I can’t find replacements but would really like to fix my other wise working umbrellas.
Thanks, Noah

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Yes, I did manage to make a replacement part. I was not proud of it but it worked. It’s still working.

I did a four sided machining adventure. With a non-existent understanding of F360 adaptive tool paths.

I’ve learned a bit more since then, happy to help if I can.

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