A lil laser pew pew

Been playing with the laser a bit I’ve got some tweaking to do but I’m super stoked


Sweet! Those are mirrors?

You went for the 7.2w JTech?

Would you mind sharing your settings?

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Of course! Yes I went with the jtech 7.2. For this I set my speed at 200 running at 100%power cross hatched enabled with increments set at .0104. Ive got to source better mirrors purely for squareness. The storm trooper by itself peeking was ran at 90% power speed of 150. And I use lightburn which at this point its be hard to convince me to use anything else. Oddly enough I’m (dunno if its coincidental) but to get the pads off the back I used a hair dryer I’m finding that the mirrors really like engraving when they are warm but thats just how I feel lol no evidence.


They came out great! Thanks for sharing the settings. I have a 2.8w that I’ve mainly been engraving wood; I have to branch out.

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BTW I’m originally from kingston Ny!! Lol

Kingston is a little ways away from Rochester. You left the NYS taxes in your rear view mirror eh?

Lol oh I know I played a lot of lacrosse over there. Lol moved down here when I was 25 going on 10 years and have yet to regret lol

@AutomatedBrad These look really nice. DId you have t coat the mirrors with anything to etch them? If so, what did you use?

Thank you. No I didn’t coat the back of the mirrors at all. I feel things really came together with the stepover at .0104 with 2 passes. I brush my mirror of debris from the first passage follow same suite between cross hatching. I make sure the back of the mirror is real clean quite honestly a lil dawn a lil scrub and rinse. Ill be posting more work soon hopefully some better photos i’m really enjoying mirrors right now

This looks pretty cool, I think I’m going to have to try it! If I remember correctly, you have to reverse the image to burn it on the back of the mirror, right? Is there a simple way to do that in LightBurn?

Go to arrange menus in light burn and select horizontal flip.it will mirror the image for you