A little Gnome for the Christmas Tree!

A really quick project in 4mm plywood, using up leftovers…My own drawing.
Here is the file. I will probably paint mine, I have some colour changing paints that would be fun on this!


Neat way to keep from burning all the scrap in the fireplace! :smiley:

Its hard to tell what the dimensions are.

Sorry, should have put that in! It is about 8cm high by around 4cm wide - but of course as with all these files you can just make it bigger if you want to. (Got the log fire burning tonight but my scraps stay out of it!)


Cute! Thanks for sharing the design. :santa:

I decided to paint it and then added a quick layer of UV resin…IMG_1220-removebg-preview


Ho Ho Ho… looks great! time for a little Christmas cheer. :beers:

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Thanks for the image.
Might make this and add to Gnomer and Gnumps house. (The other two Gnomes)

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I love it, can’t wait to get ours up and running after being delivered today. I opened up the box and said to my wife “not to night it’s too late, I might bust something”.


You could also make a string of them for a shelf = just join up the outer cuts with a shape at the base and make it one long solid shape. Mount on a strip of wood for the base and put lights behind them.

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