A little help from those that are smarter than I

Have a project I am doing for a family member.
Polycarbonate .250
Bandit image sitting in a triangle
The Interior and exterior of the image will be cut about .002 deep so the image will be slightly raised.

Had to do some editing of the lines after I scanned.
Cut line
You can see here I have left a segment unjoined, I can join later. You can also see that some of the interior images are joined to the outside. Tried to unjoin with node editor, only ended up with a mess.

Here is the sketch I have in CC

I am going to create a cut line of 1.00" from the edge of the design for the ultimate piece.

So I would like to unjoin the interior image from my outside line. How?
I need the crayon version if you can help

Dan Bandit.c2d (631.9 KB)

Thank you in advance

Duplicate you object first
Select ‘Polyline’, draw a line where you want to split:
Select both the polyline and the line to trim, then hit ‘Trim Vector’:
Click on the exterior part to delete it, then delete the polyline:
Use polyline to join things up:

Select all the unclosed curved, hit ‘Join Vector’, done for the interior:

Repeat the exercise on the duplicate to isolate the outside as well.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I will do this, putting it into my arsenal of learning.

Alternate solution:

Select the vector
Select “Edit Nodes”
Select the node, then right-click, Cut Vector


You can then drag the nodes to wherever you want them.


Maybe I am thinking outside the “triangle” here, but what if you allow the image to hang outside the triangle as a whole and not worry about trim, and cut through the overhanging image?

Outside the triangle will have a 1.00" edge that has no cuts in it

Thank you very much. Worked like a charm

I am glad this worked for you. :clap: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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