A monkey gets his hands on a Shapeoko (Regularly Updated)

The skyline is cut from one piece. Before I got a BitSetter, I made sure to set my Z zero at an easily repeatable spot that doesn’t get cut away. Even doing that, it was hard to get perfect results with the little bit of error with every bit change and rezero. Now I zero my stock once and can forget about that stressful mess of rezeroing after every bit.

I have no experience with Vcarve Pro, but in Carbide Create I do a couple things to create my hackjob version of “rest machining”

So, let’s say I am making a skyline with a 1/32" or 1/16" endmill as my detail bit and a 1/8" or 1/4" endmill as my clearance bit. First, I add a path offset to the outside of the skyline by half the size of my detailing bit or somewhere in the realm of .005"-.02". Sometimes this requires multiple offset paths so your detail bit paths and clearance bit paths clear all material from the little inside corners. I set the detail paths as outside contour cuts to cut very shallow and slowly. And I set the clearance pocket to cut as fast as I am comfortable with. The key is to set the clearance bit to pocket to one off the offset paths I added earlier and not to the “original” path. This keeps any variation in manufacturer bit size or whatever from effecting my detail. I am not sure any of that helps you, but this might: before I got a BitSetter, I always ran the detail cut paths to cut to a depth just shy of the intended pocket depth. So if I wanted a pocket depth of .08" I would set the detail paths to .078". I did this for a few reasons, as I had a belt driven z with a dewalt router with some “slop” and I came to the conclusion (right or wrong) that the “slop” would allow a bit like a 1/32" to cut just a smidge deeper than a 1/8" or 1/4" bit. Setting the detail path minutely shallower helped solve my issues and worst case scenario the detail cuts would end up a smidge shallower and would take a lot less time to recut to proper depth than it would to repocket the larger areas if the detail was too deep and didn’t line up. I hope this helps, message me if you need any more help.