A new Shapeoko Pro XXL about to be born


My Shapeoko Pro XXL was delivered on 7/13 and it took me until today (7/28) to clean out my garage and build a rolling bench for the Shapeoko Pro XXL to be assembled on.

Tomorrow the assembly begins!


Fun Fun Fun in the garage. So sweat sweat sweat. A labor of love, and sweat.


I was impressed with the build instructions. When I bought mine, I had never even seen an unassembled cnc. A friend was supposed to come help build it and never came through, so I ended up doing it myself. I had no problem due to the detailed instructions and illustrations. It felt like a huge accomplishment building it with no prior knowledge, and having it actually work when I was done.

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I remember that day. Almost like the first time doing lots of things. Got to take a nap.

Iā€™m also impressed with the build instructions. Lots of pictures and it is organized well.