A new vac bracket

Thanks for the idea and files. I made one and its great.

I was wondering why you changed out the piece of 2 1/2" clear PVC tubing for a direct, flex hose connection?

Thanks again.

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I’m cheap. Didn’t want the expense and it works to keep the hose from interfering with anything else. My hose was rubbing with wiring, it now is held clear.

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ok. Thanks. It has helped me in the same fashion. I really appreciate the sharing!


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Thanks for the files and your hard work getting the design dialed in! Here’s my 1st iteration with some cheap plywood…


Nice!!! Looks good in plywood too! :+1:

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Hi everyone, I cut one of these this weekend as well. I went with a vertical support and attached it to the drag chain transition bracket. There are two parts that each slide onto the side of the bracket and then connect to each other.


I have a Shapeoko 3 with HDZ and took the design and modified it. I need to redesign it after the initial attempt. Will post the files here when I get the modifications done. My V1 is not as elegant but with V2 I will make improvements. I ordered the 2.5" clear tube and got the 4MM .7 bolts and some new clamps Fulton 2.5" clamps that have butterflies so you can tighten by hand without any tools.


This is what I ended up with so far. I need to cut down the vertical pickup still, but it works really well