A POWER light. That's all I want :)

The rocker switch is fine and all, but I hate accidentally leaving the machine on. A nice bright power light on the control box would be AWESOME!

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On the original controller boards you could pull off 12 VDC and mount an LED strip under the X axis. The original power supplies also had a fan.

You could probably find 5VDC and install an LED and resistor. A 24 VDC indicator light is another option. Quick search on Amazon - 5 for $7.49.

I’ve noticed the latest SO3 we have with the newer brick power supply does tend to be left on more than the initial release SO3.

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I made a mount which uses the Probe as a power indicator:

Or you could also make a custom power control panel, mine has big bright lit switches for exactly this reason. Doubles as a fun simple cnc project, and an opportunity to add an emergency button, which I think is almost mandatory sooner or later

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Great idea… Usually I head when mine is on.

However you could just pull a 5/12v from the board and mount it to the front?

I used a voltage regulator under my table, and I plug my machine and a work light over the table into it. Isolates both from power tool surges and it’s hard to miss the big bright work light over my CNC machine when I turn off the shop lights https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00009RA60/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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I installed LED tape lighting under my kitchen cabinets recently and I had a foot or so of leftover strip. It can be cut into 4" increments which was perfect to fit beneath my dust shoe. The strips operate on 12 volts, so I found a 12V power brick that was leftover from an old cordless telephone, I connected it to the cut strip and it worked perfectly (its a good thing I don’t throw everything away).

I installed a barrel jack onto the dust shoe plate, soldered wires in parallel from the LED strips to the jack, and adhered the strips to the plate. I wanted a plug and jack rather than hardwiring the LEDs because occasionally I remove the dust boot. I ran the cord for the power supply cord through the cable chain on the Shapeoko.

I have a switched AC power strip on the table next to the Shapeoko to which I plug in both the Shapeoko power supply and the 12V LED power supply. The switch on the power strip turns everything on and off, so the LED strips double as lighting to see what I’m cutting, and they also remind me that the machine is powered so that I don’t leave it on overnight.


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