A simple phone stand

A pretty simple phone stand is a circle with a slot in it, something like:

Phone Stand | BlocksCAD (blockscad3d.com)

This is easily made by cutting a series of cylinders with appropriate cutouts and stacking them.

The pieces may be cut out of pretty much any available scrap, and are useful as a test cut since they may be stacked and rotated to compare how the machine cuts in different orientations.

Drawing up a file is a simple matter of setting up a file:

Drawing a circle:

Duplicating it:

Drawing in some slots:

(adjust as necessary to fit the phone the stand will be used on)

and then using Boolean operations, or the Trim Vectors command to create the desired versions — the top will need both slots in a T version and will be a through cut, so duplicate one of everything:

Then use the Trim Vectors command to remove what is not wanted:

until one arrives at:



Use Join Vectors to connect things:


and set aside the geometry thus made:

Repeat this for the overcut slot for the cord:



Join Vectors

Duplicate this, since one will want a version where one can cut the slot partially into the circle:

There are two options for cutting this out:

  • leave the file as it is and cut using the center as an origin and cut out of small pieces of scrap
  • measure a piece of stock and enter it and arrange the parts as desired

No matter which option is chosen, it will be necessary to add offset geometry and cut as a pocket down to tab height or the penultimate pass since the stock thickness is likely to be quite a bit more than the diameter of the tool used.

We will use the latter, the stock being:

Arrange things as desired:

Select the outlines:

Offset by the endmill diameter plus 10% or so:


Select the top layer and cut to the desired depth:

Select the next layer:

and start a pocket toolpath at the bottom of the previous one:

and cut down to tab height:

Add tabs to the outline geometry:

Then create a Contour Toolpath which starts at the bottom of the previous pocket:

and cuts things free save for the tabs:

Attached as a v7 file:

a simple phone stand v7.c2d (248 KB)

Mount the stock and cut the file:

then once compleat, cut the tabs and glue and clamp things up:

and once glued up:


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