A “Soundproof” Shapeoko Pro XXL Enclosure

Continuing the discussion from I've run into enclosure design issues with the vaccum hose:

My primary goal for this enclosure was noise reduction.

The table is utilitarian. It was built with 2x4 fir, ripped down to 3” wide, and lap joints. 1” prefinished maple as the table top. Still building out the rest; control panel (it has to switch sides) drawers, dust collection, etc.

The overall size of the main box is 66”wide x 48” deep. Later, I added 6” to the back. I needed about 2” extra depth to be comfortable but since it was already something i was going to do, I kicked it out to 6”. It’ll end up being 66” x 54” not including whatever kick-out for the control console.

The enclosure is 3 layers of 3/4 birch plywood, and it was designed specifically so I could cut all of it on the Shapeoko. (An excellent primer for cnc use btw)
Sandwiched between the inner two layers of plywood is a layer of 1/8 felt. It was previously laminate flooring underlayment and it deadens the sound really well.

The windows are double-pane 1/4” clear plexi, that i sandwiched between layers of weatherstripping to give it an air pocket.

I had originally planned on lining the inside with white 2” acoustic foam - the wedge shaped stuff used in music studios. But after doing some cutting with the machine this weekend, It doesn’t seem like I’ll need to, and I’d rather see the birch grain anyway. I may still put foam on the ceiling or the back panel. We’ll see.

Dust control system is all rockler fittings going into a separator and an old rigid shop vac. Suction is very powerful and there is zero dust. The exhaust from the vacuum goes through a felt and foam lined box as a sound muffler, and the entire dust control compartment will be vented using ac infinity fans to keep the vac cool. The vent fans themselves will also go through sound deadening mufflers. The inside of the whole compartment will be lined with gray outdoor carpeting that I got from Home Depot.

The machine sits on a layer of 1/4”hardboard that is sitting on a layer of the underlayment felt that is sitting on the 1” maple tabletop.

The top of the box is currently just a single layer of ply that has the lights cut into it, but it’s recessed about 4”, so I’m going to fill the void with some rock wool insulation and cap it off with a final 3/4” piece of ply on the very top.

I’ll probably share more photos down the line so I’ll break this off as a new thread.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see better. I can probably upload the sketch ups, although they’re not accurate to the final as I made changes on the fly.

Thanks for checking it out. Constructive feedback is always welcome.


Here’s some pictures of the assembly of the sides


Here are some photos of the sound dampening vent and exhaust boxes:


Incredible setup, very impressive. Hose routing looks really good. I like the slider and valve system.

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I appreciate that Max! Thank you for the kind words.

I checked out your Instagram page, many very cool items on there! Really love the mix of metal & wood. Inspiration Is a good name! Got the wheels turning.

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@ProfessorEcks How loud is it when the shop vac is running? Any heat issues?

not quite sure yet. The cabinet is still under construction, so I don’t have empirical data yet. My target is 30-40 db reduction when done, and fingers are crossed!

I did run some cuts this past weekend, but left two sides off the vac compartment, and one of the end enclosure doors open, and found it to be significantly quieter than before.

I still need to complete the top of the box, some wiring, one more airflow muffler, and lining the vac compartment, and i’ll finally be able to give it the full test.

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Did you see the title of his instagram page I am a CNC beginner - I had a good chuckle at this tag line yhe other day.

@CNCInspiration is anything but a beginner at this stage, , but like all of us, we are continually learning

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LOL yeah time flies, got my first machine Nov of 2019. Suppose I might be a step or two up by now. “Advanced Beginner” how’s that? :wink:

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