A tool chest deal for folks in the UK?

For a while now, I’ve been trying to work out the optimal tool chest/box for my tools, and had pretty much settled on a Pelican 0450 — right before it was discontinued.

This looks to be a clone which is available at a pretty good price in the UK:

(low enough that buying it from Amazon Global and paying shipping is actually cheaper than purchasing the same product listed at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TTPHNZM )

Looks like there are a bunch of options:

No affiliation, nor experience, but thought some folks might find it of interest.

Apparently Pelican is about to release their new version of the 0450, so waiting to see that announcement as well.

Huh, I like that style and would love something like that for storage. It’s really expensive too considering I don’t need the ultra-rugged and portable aspect of those since it will just sit in my garage.

Yeah, I feel bad 'cause the only reason I’m wanting a chest on wheels is to have something I can move up the steps from my basement workbench — tried a Husky Rolling Connect, but it’s just awful for access (stacked boxes rather than drawers) — this or a Pelican 0450 or some sort of Systainer setup seems promising.

Yeah, if only we had some type of software to design something like this, and a machine that can create those parts from our design that can be assembled. . . :slight_smile:

Kidding, but only a little. I took a bunch of pics of a tool drawer my father-in-law had that was water damaged. It had like 10 drawers that were 10in wide and 12in deep and only about 1.5in high. All the drawers were identical, so I only have to design one drawer and then make a bunch of them. I am going to make some modifications to the design by enlarging the faces of the drawers and rounding the corners so I can just use a 1/4" bit to cut out the face piece and not have to use a chisel toclean up the corners. (I am not good with hand tools - which is why I use a CNC machine)

I plan on getting around to it some day*.

  • “Some day” does not necessarily mean it will happen. It is a statement of futurity not guaranteed to happen. Past experiences do not dictate future actions. :slight_smile:
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Yeah, I was trying to collect resources for that sort of thing at:


working from one of my first projects on a machine:

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