A UGS-proven true 3D test file, please?


this may sound simple/stupid (lol, see poster’s name?), but it could surely help. and thank you for your help here, all of you are greatly appreciated.

might someone have a simple but “true 3D” g-code file that some of us can simply send via UGS in order to help isolate design-to-cut workflow errors?

perhaps a 2" circle/square/diamond with Z axis ramps and Z axis curves?

or a new, standard, 3D circle/square/diamond with one half sharp cuts and the other half with smoothed transitions?

or an simpler XYZ, true 3D, accuracy pattern?

but for certain, a file that will work with SO3 and UGS only (and no other software steps between)?

thank you!


There is a simple, hand-coded file here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/File:Circle-diamond-square-50-45-40mm.txt

More on it, and tutorials on making such here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Calibration_and_Squaring_the_Machine#Diamond_Circle_Square_Test

It should be simple enough to re-work the hand-coded file to add the features which you want using a previewer to check your edits — list of such here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Previewing_G-Code

holy monkey, talk about a fast response!

i will check these out, thank you!!


okay, yeah… all of these cuts seem to be 2.5D, which is indeed very helpful.

yet i was hoping there might be a proven, true 3D test file (z-axis contours) that can be sent from GCS to the SO3 without editing.

Unfortunately, the opensource software chains don’t seem to support that sort of thing.

Grbl does support changing the axis of arcs, so it should be easy enough to code one up by hand as I noted.

Or, find a commercial tool which does this sort of thing and see if the tutorials could be adapted?

Not sure if this is 2.5d or 3D way too many options to choose from in this crazy software. But it has Z contours to it.
if you have an 1/8" endmill, this is a circle 2" around and 1/4" deep. The program starts in the CENTER of the work so when you home / set zero, set the zero on a piece of wood at least .28" deep and at least 1.25" all the way around the tool. It will be 1 inch circle all the way round the center. It is also going to be a flat half circle and a rounded top half.

Looks like this:

Here is the gcode file:

untitled.zip (6.5 KB)


With a 1/4" end mill this should make a 1 inch square that the top side is .125" deep and the front is at 0" deep.
True 3 axis square test:

M03 S10000
G00 Z5
G01 X3.175 Y3.175 Z0 F1524
G01 X3.175 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 X5.4 Y3.175 Z0
G01 X5.4 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 X10.4 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 X10.4 Y3.175 Z0
G01 X15.4 Y3.175 Z0
G01 X15.4 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 X20.4 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 X20.4 Y3.175 Z0
G01 X22.225 Y3.175 Z0
G01 X22.225 Y22.225 Z-3.175
G01 Z5


wow… this is perfect – thank you!!!

also great… thanks again for your help.