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Greetings everybody! I have a brand new Shapeoko XL. I’m trying to learn it. I have a couple of questions.

  1. How can I open a svg file from Illustrator so it doesn’t end up the incorrect size?
  2. If we can utilize 33" why doesn’t carbide create allow you to use stock that length? It always size the size is two big and then goes to 32".
    Thanks in advance!

1 - Please send any problem files to support@carbide3d.com — I just always place a 1" square somewhere, then do the math to re-scale if need be

2 - I believe this is an intentional limit so as to prevent the possibility of moving the endmill too far — to cut out something which is 32" w/ a 1/4" endmill one would need to be 1/8" to either end of it, leaving less than a half-inch of safety to either end. Contact support@carbide3d.com to advocate for more control or switch to another toolchain.