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You scare me Rob, you don’t have the time to replace the stock info in the support page?
I love the machine, but I question the support online at certain levels.
From the Carbine3D homepage, there is no link to any community pages, which is where I finally this way in.
My question pertained to the lameness of MeshCam, which reverts back to your help pages. An endless circle…
Thank you for your time…

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Probably not needed unless a new area like programming for the Shapeoko or some such. A section that focuses on the power of gCode and functions as well as manual uses could be considered? Just a thought.

However, I also would agree with @LeeSoukup that there are always areas for improvement and one such area is navigation on the Carbide3D site. The store, this discussion area, help pages, FAQs, etc. are real positives and should be emphasized more. For many people, support, available add-ons, potential upgrades, future plans for the platform and community, are all part of the buying decision.

Carbide should accentuate their strengths in these areas and promote all of them, making them easy to explore and connect with. Easier than they are now, I mean.