About the Unsupported category

The Unsupported category is a place to discuss other software and hardware that you’d like to use with your Carbide 3D machines.

Examples include:

  • Third-party gcode senders
  • Firmware other than the one that came with your machine
  • Electronics modifications

As the name suggests, this category is not things that we designed so we cannot offer support. That said, there are plenty of helpful people to in the community to jump in and help out.

Hello. I’m about six months into CNC-ing and loving it. I want to graduate from my beginners limited capabilities program and learn to use Carbide Creat. My problem is I’m using a machine other than Shapoko and I can’t find any instructions on how to get the file to my machine to carve. I tried using a thumb drive to get the file from my computer to my machine but it won’t recognize it. Do I need to go through Carbide Motion ?. Thanks for any clarification.