Accessing T-track on Shapeko XL

I just received my order of the T-track package from Carbide 3D and installed it today. I installed it exactly on top of the original wasteboard and now I find that the provided bolts will fit into the T-track but regular T-track bolts will not because there is not enough room between the metal frame and the track entrance. Should I have installed the boards back from the front edge to leave room for the bolts? Should I cut slots in the metal frame to allow T-track bolts to slide in? I guess I could just stick with the 1/4 x 20 bolts but I have so many T-track bolts it seems a shame to not use them.


I would not cut the frame. You could shorten the t-tracks in the front and use the same holes already made to secure them back. I would put in threaded inserts to secure the t- tracks because one of the weaknesses of t- tracks secured in mdf is the weakness of mdf, especially after removing and reinserting screws.

When you remove a course screw from mdf, plywood or plastic always insert the screw in the hole and turn the screw backwards until you feel the screw click and align with the old threads. This way you do not cut new threads in already soft material.

After removing a screw in soft material even with aligning the threads the connection is weak. Then cranking down on clamps in the t-tracks can pull them out slightly or loose and not very secure.

The above is why I suggest threaded inserts because you can remove your t-tracks as many times as you need to like when replacing your mdf between the t-tracks.

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The threaded inserts sounds like a good idea. I was thinking I could move the tracks all the way back to the back frame. I think that would give me enough room to insert a T-track bolt. I will try it with one track and see what happens. Otherwise I think your idea of cutting the tracks a bit would be the best solution.

After more investigation I have discovered that the regular T-bolts do not fir the T-track provided by Carbide 3D. Only the 1/4 bolt heads will work so there is no problem I guess except finding clamps that will work with these bolts.